My cross-platform development practices

I have learned how to develop apps for mobile platform since 2013. It was a very different area for a back-end engineer start working on client.
Almost all projects I worked need cross platform, at least iOS + Android.

After trying 5 different cross platform solutions, I decided to use native platform for my new project now.
The shortage of these solutions are more than the convenience it brings.

  1. Apache Cordova
    Details feel not like real native app. Feature pass.
  2. C++ Manually build library use ObjC link and JNI load it.
    It works perfect, but it’s too complex to keep C++ and ObjC and JNI at the same time.
  3. Xamarin Forms
    Good for CMS like app, if you don’t care the details for different platforms. Cross platform interface design is a wrong direction for most of my projects.
  4. Xamarin Native
    For now, I think this is the best cross platform solution. C# is also better language than Java.
  5. Native for each platform, use OpenAPI generate server stub.
    The most shared logic I wrote with other 4 solutions are client/server RPC. OpenAPI/Swagger solved this natively.

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